A Bad Day is not A Bad Life

I have had a bad day, I am self aware enough to acknowledge that.

Today it rained Ls. I had only just logged on to my laptop when I got a call from someone senior telling me off. My first meeting was catastrophic, I wasn’t prepared, I tried to blag my way through which is a gift I have, I failed miserably. In a meeting I was sharing my screen, which I never do, I know to share the app… Actually, I refuse to relive the rest of this L.

I missed deadlines and important emails. I forgot to implement feedback on a report and realised the email I was meant to send to workshop attendees last week is still in my drafts. A presentation I have worked on for weeks has suddenly disappeared from SharePoint, and the documents I was meant to have routed through DocuSign at 10am are waiting.

And these are just some of my work Ls. Just some of today’s work Ls.

Crying is not unusual for me, so it is not particularly noteworthy that I have burst into tears many times today. I am terrified of my to-do list, so I have decided to write this in order to allow myself procrastinate some more.

I know I am going to sleep late and wake up tired. I do not have the option of calling it a day because my anxiety will definitely not let me sleep.

I am looking back on the day and trying to find the good moments. I know they probably exist but I am a glass half empty person so none come to mind. But the Ls are on loop, my very own Adele album, serving introspection and hot tears.

There is no powerful takeaway, no deep insight into life. I must simply remind myself that a bad day is not a bad life, and the sun will come out again, even if not tomorrow.



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